Photo Tour: Chicago, Chicago...

I started my trip with visits to two familiar places: the San Francisco Bay area and Denver. Then the adventure started.

I like big cities. Chicago sure feels big... and tall. I love New York, too. Somehow, though, although both cities have lots of tall (and spectacular) buildings, Chicago streets feel different. A friend from suburban Chicago said that the streets are more open, and I think that's a lot of it. My guidebook also pointed out that Chicago loves modern architecture -- and so do I. Anyway, whatever makes Chicago what it is... "what a wonderful town." (Sorry, but I couldn't help myself there.)

I don't have time to write a lot of commentary on this page, though, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

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Evening or daytime, from across the Chicago River or the harbor on Lake Michigan, Chicago's skyline is spectacular:
Along the Chicago River at sunset
Chicago skyline and harbor from Lake Michigan

Here are two late-afternon scenes along the Magnificent Mile. That's the stretch of Michigan Avenue just north of the Chicago River -- home to some of the most spectacular architecture (and most expensive shops) in the city:
Three building corners on the Magnificent Mile
Along the Magnificent Mile

The Sears Tower in the morning and a ghostly-looking collection of buildings near dusk (the Sofitel is the shorter light-colored one):
Sears Tower
Sofitel (in center) and buildings around it

There are flowers everywhere. My Chicagoland friend said that one thing she likes about being stuck in traffic ;-) is all of the planters along roadways. On an early-morning walk along the Chicago River (which curves around two sides of downtown), I saw lots of birds too:
Flowers everywhere... these by the Chicago River
There are lots of birds, too...

The Merchandise Mart is a gigantic building on the north bank of the Chicago River. Outside, a row of pillars display some of the giants of the Merchandise Mart. Speaking of giant, this huge chair in front (for a "casual" home furnishings show) seemed to dwarf the men and the skyline -- if you shoot the photo while you're lying on the ground, at least:
Famous Men of the Mercandise Mart
Giant chair outside the Merchandise Mart

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