Photo Tour: Lyme Regis, England

Lyme Regis is a pretty village in Dorset, on the coast in southwest England. It's a tourist destination, built on hills that run down to the sea.

I stayed at Thatch, a B&B in an octagonal house, at the top of a hill, with lively and gracious hosts.

One morning I walked down the hill into the town centre. It's an eight-minute walk that took me half an hour -- thanks to my wandering a lot, stopping to admire gardens and look in shop windows. Here are some pictures from along my way.

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Along the main road
Looking out from town toward the cliffs around it
Buildings along the main road
Along the main road
Looking toward The Cobb
Reflection of the sea in a house window
Door along the road
Along the shore
Flowers and distant cliffs
Garden along (and above) the main road

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