Photo Tour: Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

The former East Berlin is rebuilding itself from the ruins of the second World War. It's also putting up a lot of completely new buildings -- like these at Potsdamer Platz. It's a totally new area, designed by some of the world's best architects, that (as you can see from the first photos below) is coming up quickly. In fact, the balloon is there to take people up for a few minutes to see the latest (for a price that, I hear, is almost as high as the viewpoint: about 20 euros for ten minutes).

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Potsdamer Platz from Brangenburger Tor (with "Buddy Bears" in foreground) Berlin Potsdamer Platz: View balloon and Reichstag dome in background
Berlin Potsdamer Platz: Building and view-tube from underground
Berlin Potsdamer Platz: Bahnhof entrance with buildings above
Berlin Potsdamer Platz: Bahnhof entrance and buildings around Berlin Potsdamer Platz: Late-afternoon sun along building edge
Berlin Potsdamer Platz: Looking up from Sony Center
Berlin Potsdamer Platz: Detail of top of Sony Center
Berlin Potsdamer Platz: Reflections in side of underground viewing tube Berlin Potsdamer Platz: Reflections of two signs in many windows
Berlin Potsdamer Platz: Looking through cover over Sony Center underground entrance
Along Eichhornstrasse?
Pond (with floating flowers) in front of Daimler Chrysler building
Daimler Chrysler building

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