Photo Tour: Bratislava

Both a Slovak friend and my guidebook recommended not staying long in Bratislava. So I spent a day on my way between Vienna and eastern Slovakia. The city center is has a nice mixture of old and new. I didn't see the surrounding area, except the distant view from the castle. (By the way: the train station is a depressing introduction to the city. The airport is a lot nicer. I flew out of town on SkyEurope,which seemed like a good and cheap way to get around this corner of Europe.)

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view from old town hall
Here's a view from the arch under the old town hall...
guarding the bench, sort of
...where this guard keeps an eye on a bench. You'll find fun scupture like this scattered around the city center. Another fun one is a man (not) at work in a manhole -- complete with a fake warning sign -- at the corner of Rybárska brána and Panská.
Sculpture outside Reduta
Speaking of sculpture: this one, outside the Reduta (the home of the Slovak Philharmonic), shows some of the contrast between old and new that you'll find in the city center...
Van Gogh home, not does this Van Gogh-esque building on Rudnayovo námestie. Three of its sides might make you think you're in Amsterdam.
Slovak National Gallery
For some slightly more authentic ;-) art, try the Slovak National Gallery. (They even encouraged me to take pictures inside!) It's on the north bank of the Danube...
New bridge across the Danube
...not far from the Nový most, the "new bridge" from the old city to the socialist-style "satellite city" of Petržalka across the river.

There were big concrete apartment blocks, something like these, in a ring outside almost every Slovak city I visited. Call them ugly, and a lot of them are... but I think the idea (if I understand it) was good: an affordable place for everyone to live. I'm not sure that's true anymore in the modern (semi-)capitalist Slovakia.
Bratislava castle
That view of the bridge was from Bratislava castle. After an easy climb, you'll get views all around. I didn't spend much time here, though, because I had to catch a tram to a city bus to the airport for my flight to eastern Slovakia.

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