Photo Tour: Along the Vltava River, Prague

Here are a few photos of my neighborhood -- from April until July 2002 -- with the cheap digital camera I had then, plus sharpening by the GIMP. The Vltava is the river running through Prague; the paths along it are beautiful places to walk, with great views in all directions.

The vehicle on the right is the way I get to work. It's one of the trams that shares Prague's streets with a flood of cars. Trams have their own lane, so they buzz along while cars wait. The view of buildings and people is great from a tram! (That building with the two steeples is a modern church.)
This view is near the tram stop. But I'm looking across the Vlatva here. That bridge is one of several across this part of the river. This bridge is decked with British flags... not because I've jumped to London, but because a lot of movies are filmed along the Vltava (thanks to the historic setting, I guess... see the other photos below):
rowboat along Vltava
This is another view of the banks of the Vltava.This part of Prague has so many beautiful and historic buildings that it gets a bit old after a while... though I sure haven't gotten tired of it. The shore is crawling with tourists:
Vltava view
"What historic building?," you say. Maybe the crookedy building at the left of this frame will make future history. Called "Fred and Ginger" because it looks (sort of!) like those two famous dancers, it's a fun contrast to all of the beautiful repetition along the Vltava... a symbol of the diversity that's in the rest of Prague, away from the pretty facade that draws most of the tourists. That's the part of the city I really want to get to know:
new and old

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(These photographs are Copyright © 2002 by Jerry Peek. Much higher-resolution versions of most images, and many other images too, are available at Jerry Peek Photography. Photos are available at reduced prices, or free, for non-commercial use.)

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