Photo Tour: The Republic of San Marino

San Marino is the world's oldest surviving republic. Founded in 300 AD (300 CE) or so (actually, no one knows exactly when!), it now has just over 25,000 citizens. Its borders have grown and shrunk over the centuries; the current area is on a mountain, nestled between Emilia-Romagna and Marche in Italy. Its main industries in the 21st century are... tourism and shopping.

I visited on a brilliant winter day. Here are photos around the capital city, home to some 4,000 souls. I'll start with a look toward San Marino from the distance (on the road to San Leo). The rest of the photos are from San Marino itself; in the second one, you can see the Adriatic Sea in the distance. It's a striking city in a dramatic setting.

San Marino on a distant hill with hills in foreground

View from San Marino toward the Adriatic Sea

View from San Marino toward hills and snowy peaks

Looking up a steep walkway at pedestrians and buildings

Square, church and people

Pathway up

Sculptures: two ballerinas

Sculpture and gate

Roofs, sun behind bell tower, and distant mountains

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(These photographs are Copyright © 2004 by Jerry Peek. Much higher-resolution versions of most images, and many other images too, are available at Jerry Peek Photography. Photos are available at reduced prices, or free, for non-commercial use.)

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