Photo Tour: Around Florence

The Arno River, which we saw in the previous page, divides Florence into two parts that citizens call "over here" (the north side) and "over there" (the south). Let's see some of both of those sides a little way from the river.

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The Duomo is spectacular outside, but a lot simpler inside. It's the tallest building in Florence, though, and the climb to the top gives you spectacular views both inside and out:
Duomo detail
Umbrellas and duomo domes
Looking down into duomo
Duomo bell tower and beyond

Just 10 kilometers or so from Florence, on hills around the city, is Fiesole. It's an interesting place on its own, but it also has some great views of Florence. I was there on a misty day, and I got the ghostly-looking view below; you can just see the Duomo. (An hour after I left Fiesole, of course, the mist over Florence lifted and the sun came out.)
Fiesole town center
Misty view of Florence from Fiesole

If you don't want to go as far as Fiesole for nice views of Florence, take the hike up from the Arno River to the Piazza Michaelangelo:
Piazza Michaelangelo and Florence behind
Arno River bridges from Piazza Michaelangelo

From above, it's hard to see all that's happening on the little streets that wind through the city. A lot of them are pedestrian-only, and that makes for even better wandering...
Street near Uffizi gallery entrance
Near Ponte Vecchio

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