Photo Tour: Pisac

Between Cusco and Urubamba in the Sacred Valley is Pisac (PEE-sock). In Inca times, an important road came up the valley and the citadel at Pisac controlled the route. The citadel, temples, and other ruins are high on the mountains overlooking the town. You can take a bus or taxi part of the way up, and you'll need to hike the rest of the way -- but it's worth the trip.

Be sure to leave time to hike down to the valley floor. All the way down you'll see more ruins and Inca farming terraces that (like many of the terraces in the valley) are still in use today. Some locals use the path, too: As I walked down, a man farther ahead was carrying a load of wood on his back.

If you go on Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday, you'll find the Pisac market at the bottom of the trail. Vendors will be waiting to sell you fresh-squeezed orange juice, food, items for tourists -- and everyday goods for the people who live around the Valley.

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