Photo Tour: Sucre, Bolivia

More than a thousand meters lower than La Paz, Sucre felt warmer not only because of the higher temperatures. It feels much less like a "big city" than La Paz: friendlier, more approachable, and with lots of beautiful colonial architecture too.

By the time I got to Sucre, I'd seen just a bit of Bolivia... but I could tell that I was going to want to spend a lot more time here than I would have. So I decided to make just a quick visit to Sucre and to my next stop, Potosí -- and come back to Bolivia another day.

Out of my hotel for a walk, almost the first thing I saw was... a wedding. It was a happy start to a pleasant two days:

Speaking of churches, they're everywhere -- though that's nothing unusual in this part of the world:

The central part of town is mostly flat, but streets toward the edges of the valley aren't:

A typical window over the street... and a typical entrance into a typical patio, which you'll typically find behind the high walls along the streets:

A not-so-typical car parked next to flowers in a plaza that match its paint job. (Was this car a "plant"?? :):

A building and the sky:

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