Photo Tour: Santa Rosa Beach, Peru, at Sunset

The light on the northern coast of Peru was typical for a afternoon in mid-December: grey. You can see that on the first set of photos of Santa Rosa beach.

As I shot that first set of photos, as the sun sank lower, it sometimes shone through the clouds. Later, back in Lima, the person making my color prints at the pro photo lab must have seen the sun -- and either thought it was a dusky, sandy color, or decided to make it look that way.

When I saw the first half of the sunset prints, I loved the color -- even though it wasn't real. So, when I scanned the negatives for this website, I gave the images that same sunset cast. (The color of the second half of the shots, as the sun got near the horizon, is accurate: it really looked that way.)

So now for some more stereotypical (but still nice!?) photos:

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(These photographs are Copyright © 2005 by Jerry Peek. Much higher-resolution versions of most images, and many other images too, are available at Jerry Peek Photography. Photos are available at reduced prices, or free, for non-commercial use.)

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