Photo Tour: Esposizione Universale di Roma (EUR)

During Mussolini's reign in the 1930s, he ordered a new satellite city to be built, south of Rome, for a 1942 international exposition. The war stopped work on the city... and cancelled the exposition. Work continued on the city in the 1950s, though. Today it's full of people, government offices, businesses, and some museums. You can get there on the metro at the three stops whose names begin with EUR.

On a rainy day in December, 2002, I spent a few hours walking around and snapping photos with my cheap digital camera. Most of the other photo pages on this site have a travelogue or commentary. This page has just the photos -- partly because my guidebook had only a short section with almost no details... also because it would have been a pain to write notes in the rain with an umbrealla in one hand. So I wandered the (mostly-)rectangular grid of streets and took photos of whatever caught my eye. Here are a few of them.

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building, pool, mosaics

mosaic, building

building, trees

statue, building

statue, trees, building

pool, building

tall building, flags

view into the distance

If you haven't seen photos of my (sunny) walk across Rome, to some out-of-the-way places in (much) older parts of the city, or my other Random Rome Photos, please have a look if you'd like to.

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(These photographs are Copyright © 2002 by Jerry Peek. Much higher-resolution versions of most images, and many other images too, are available at Jerry Peek Photography. Photos are available at reduced prices, or free, for non-commercial use.)

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