Photo Tours: Around the World 2003

I love to travel, and an RTW trip is one of the things that a travel nut has just gotta do. Join me for this frequent-flier-mile-fueled trip: some travelogue and some photos, around the world in (actually, just by chance!) 80 days.

First here's a world map with my route marked on it. My stops are numbered, and I've shown which of them have a page (or more) of photos. You can click on the map to get a bigger view in a separate window (though your browser may shrink it to fit your window; in that case, try right-clicking on the map to open it with another program and/or saving it to a file first).

Below the map are links to the photo pages. Click on a photo or its caption to see that page.

world map with my trip route (small version)
0: Tucson (home), 1: Albuquerque, 2: San Francisco Bay, 3: Denver, 4: Chicago (page A), 5: southern Scotland (page B), 6: southern England (page C), 7: Berlin (pages D,E), 8: Barcelona (pages F,G), 9: Céret, France (page H), 10: Cairo, 11: Luxor, Egypt (pages I,J), 12: Cairo (overnight), 13: London (half-day), 14: northern South Africa (page K), 15: to Cape Town (pages L,M), 16: south and east South Africa, Lesotho (pages N,O,P), 17: Hong Kong, 18: Guangzhou (page Q), 19: Hanoi (pages R,S), 20: central Vietnam to Saigon (pages T,U,V,W), 21: Hong Kong, 22: Vancouver, BC (layover), 23: New York (change planes), 24: Santiago (change planes), 25: Easter Island (pages X,Y), 26: Santiago (change planes), 27: Dallas (change planes), 28: Albuquerque, 29: western New Mexico and eastern Arizona (page Z), 30: Tucson (home).

A. Chicago, Chicago... B. Edinburgh (and a bit of Glasgow)
C. Lyme Regis, England D. Walks around Berlin
E. Potsdamer Platz, Berlin F. Barcelona Streets and Buildings (and people and...)
G. Barcelona Parks and Museums H. Céret, France
I. Luxor and East Bank of the Nile J. West Bank of the Nile Near Luxor
K. Kruger National Park, South Africa L. Bloemfontein to Cape Town: Not the N1
M. Around Cape Town N. Cape Agulhas, South Africa
O. Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa P. Up the Sani Pass to Lesotho
Q. Glimpses of Guangzhou R. Hello, Hanoi!
S. Ngoc Son Temple, Hanoi T. Along the DMZ
U. Hue, Vietnam V. The Citadel
W. Goodbye, Vietnam X. Around Easter Island
Y. Rano Raraku: Moai Quarry Z. Headed for Home

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