Photo Tour: Around Cape Town

Okay, you can believe the hype: Cape Town is a beautiful place. Or, at least, the area, as well as some parts of the city, are beautiful. A lot of the reason is the setting: a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, with Table Mountain forming a backdrop for the city and other mountains running the length of the Cape. The Cape of Good Hope, which extends south of the city, isn't actually the southernmost Africa, and it doesn't touch the Indian Ocean; that's another place. As the sign at the end says (see the photo below), this is the southwestern-most point in Africa. Well, whatever...

Cape Town also has a lot of different kinds of plants -- as I found out when I had bad hay fever that kept me inside, instead of exploring as much as I wanted to. Well, October is springtime, so what should I expect?

I'm a short on time today (three web pages to make in two hours!), so I'll skip the individual captions. (Try hovering your mouse over an image to get a little box with a brief caption.) Below you'll see: two views from the beach north of Table Mountain, the african penguin colony at Boulders, the southern end of the Cape, the Robben Island prison and Nelson Mandela's cell, and an elegant old building among the wine estates at Groot Constantia.

To get a larger version of any picture, click on it; a new window should open. When you close that window, this window should still be here.

Windsurfer, north of Cape Town, at Milnerton Beach
Table Mountain and Cape Town from Milnerton Beach
African Penguins at Boulders
Boulders beach and penguins
Cape of Good Hope signs
Along Cape Point road, near entrance station
Nelson Mandela's cell
Entrance to Robben Island prison
At Groot Constantia
Groot Constantia

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