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Overview (formerly has photos of the world by Jerry Peek. The site has "tours" — travelogues from places I've traveled and photos (not necessarily my best photos, but ones that help tell the story). I'm also planning to add galleries of the best photos, organized for easy searching. For permission to copy or publish, please read the section about using the photos.

The Whole Story began in the 1990s as, a place where I could share my travel photos and stories with friends. (In those days of small email inboxes, a personal website was a better way to distribute photos.) Search engines picked up the site, and other people began to write with questions, suggestions, and requests to use the photos. Later, messages started to come from book, newspaper and magazine publishers who asked to use photos gratis or for a fee.

In 2005, around the time that Playboy magazine asked to publish one of my photos (not of a woman...), I realized that I could probably sell more if I made a site dedicated to photography and put more of my photos online. That's when was born.

The name photomondiale came from the French words for world photography. Although I live in the US, I'm an international traveler who believes that a French name is just as valid as one in English. (I also very much enjoy traveling in France — although this site has many more photos of other places around the world.)

I planned to include other photographers' pictures of the world. But then photo-sharing websites like Flickr, and photographers' websites like PhotoShelter, came on the scene. By 2011, I decided to rename the site and make it my own.

This website still has its original purpose: sharing travel photos and stories, for free, with anyone who's interested. The Tours section has almost all of the original travelogues, and I'd like to add more. The tour photos aren't always my best; they're intended to help tell the stories. A second interface, the galleries, is under development. It's intended to show my best photos — in the style of most other photo sites.

Using the Photos

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the photos are copyright © by Jerry Peek. If you'd like to use one of the photos, please contact me and describe how you want to use the photo. Commercial use for a profit-making institution or publication will probably require payment. The fee will be reasonable — the same or less than comparable photo sites — and I'll give you personal service.

If your use is non-profit, please describe it. I'm glad to let you use my photos free for a bona fide non-profit purpose.

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