Photo Tours

Each "tour" has selected pictures of a place in the world. Many tours have a written travelogue, too, that's usually lighthearted and chatty.

(These tours are mostly for you to enjoy; they aren't meant to be serious or complete. They're here to give you a sampling of what's on the site... an alternative to the standard Gallery [note: not available yet], which is a more straightforward way to see what's here.)

We have many more photos of most areas than you'll see in a tour. Please write to us (there's a "Contact us" link at the bottom of every page) for the most complete information.

Many tours here are being updated. We'll also be adding new tours, a gallery, and more information about Jerry Peek Photography. Please check back from time to time!

New tours will include: England 1974-5; Europe 1977; California 1977-84; New Zealand 1979; US Northwest 1981-87; Peru, Ecuador, and Galapagos 1983; Southern Caribbean 1990; Hong Kong 1992; Guatemala 1993; Monhegan Island 1993; Chile 1993; Southern Utah 1993-97; England, Wales, Scotland 1998; Iceland and Ireland 1999; southeastern Australia 2001; Tokyo 2001; and many after 2001.

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