Photo Tours: Panama, Peru, and Bolivia

I spent a little more than a month at the end of 2004 in Peru and Bolivia, with a stopover in Panama on the way there. Here are 17 pages of photos from the trip:

A. Panama City and Canal B. The Sacred Valley: Around Urubamba, Peru
C. Ollantaytambo D. Pisac
E. Around Puno F. Lake Titicaca: Uros Islands
G. Lake Titicaca: Amantani Island H. La Paz, Bolivia
I. Sucre J. Potosí
K. La Pimentel Beach, Peru L. Santa Rosa Beach, Peru
M. Santa Rosa Beach at Sunset N. Bosque de Pomoc and Túcume Ruins, Peru
O. Huaca de Luna Ruins, Peru P. Tschudi Temple at Chan Chan, Peru
Q. Headed Home  

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