Photo Tour: Barrio Viejo, Tucson Arizona

This old neighborhood is just south of downtown Tucson. It's an eclectic mix of old homes, boarded-up homes, new homes, and businesses (mostly professional offices). A lot of the owners show their sense of color (and sense of humor) more than you'll see in other neighborhoods.

If you're having trouble seeing both the captions and the photos, try stretching your browser window wider. (Or just ignore the captions. The photos are most of the story here.)

Neighborhood dog
This guy dogged us in his part of this block. Here he's walking past me as if I wasn't even there.

(Actually, I don't know "his" sex. He just acted like a guy. :)
Prickly pear by the door
In the dog's block
Cactus and doors
More cactus, more doors
Door with lots of locks
High security ;-)
Door with character
A door with lots of character (and, probably, a character behind it too)
Purple and magenta window
This window is typical of buildings in the neighborhood: wild color and not particularly straight.

Posterized window #1
Posterized window #2
Posterized window #3
Posterized window #4
I made these with The GIMP's "Posterize" feature, but they wouldn't be far out of place in the Old Barrio if they were real.
Doors, windows, and plants
Doors, windows, and plants
Palm by the window
A palm tree and its shadow
Window with plants and lights
A window with plants and lights
Boarded-up building
Abandoned building?
An office
1 East Congress
On the edge of downtown...
Space shuttle painting
...and on the way into space

You can see photos of murals in the Barrio Viejo on the Tucson Murals Project blog: La Pilita Museum, 600 S. Meyer, and 555 S. Meyer. Check the list of murals for many more.

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(These photographs are Copyright © 2004 by Jerry Peek. Much higher-resolution versions of most images, and many other images too, are available at Jerry Peek Photography. Photos are available at reduced prices, or free, for non-commercial use.)

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